ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set Review 2019

Jaw Gear Puller

About ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set – For Slide Gears, Pulleys, and Flywheels

Safely remove bearings, gears, pulleys, sprockets, and flywheels with the ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set. Even though you need to pull rusty bearings, this will get the job done. It is possible to use it on tie rod ends or any other suspension/steering applications.

Product Details

  • 6-inch gear puller
    • 8.75-inch jaw spread
    • 4.75-inch jaw reach
  • 4-inch gear puller
    • 6.25-inch jaw spread
    • 2.5-inch jaw reach
  • 3-inch gear puller
    • 4.5-inch jaw spread
    • 1.5-inch jaw reach

Jaw Gear Puller

Have A Closer Look

Reversible Jaws
These 3 tools offer reversible jaws for outside and inside pulling and has multiple positions, that gives you maximum adaptability. Most of them can be set for either long reach or short reach positions.

You could use any hand wrench (17mm for 6” puller; 15mm for 4” puller; 14mm for 3” puller;), ratchet, or combination spanner on the hex head screw for bearing or gear removal.

The hardened and forged steel construction will let you pull gears with no damage.

Jaw Puller
Jaw Gear Puller

Amazon Reviews on this Jaw Gear Puller

“Tool works perfectly. Some have complained about the loose bolts and needing jam nuts. The whole purpose of this tool is to be adjustable. I have used pullers like this for about 15 years and never had a problem with a bolt coming out or falling off during use. Finger tight is plenty. This is a tool that it is assumed you know how to use it when you order it because its not a simple screw driver any simpleton can purchase and use. Don’t bash the tool because you don’t understand how to use it or what its for. And to all the cheaply made comments out there, this tool is made with at least as good a quality as any other gear puller I have ever used and I am yet to see one break. It wont fit every application you may ever have but I can guarantee it will fit at least 90 percent of them and that’s pretty good when 50 bucks allows you to do most things and will last even a professional daily user a lifetime.”

“Great puller for a decent price. I purchased this smaller puller for removing the crank arms on bikes and it works good. The puller arms have hooks that are not too thick and they can be turned around for a shorter distance in relation to the screw bolt point. The improvement I will make is to install self locking nuts on all the bolts. The nuts should be tightened only enough to allow free movement of the arms but the nuts tend to become too loose very easily while using the tool. I will be investing in the larger size pullers without hesitation from this manufacturer.”

“I had to do a harmonic balancer on a 2000 Olds Intrigue and needed a 6″ puller to do this. and this worked but I had to grind the hooks to get it to fin since these are pretty bulky. It was a really brutal job using these but it did accomplish it, so I did not have to pay someone hundreds extra to fix this car. The fact that I have three sets in my toolbox makes it possible for future projects and the price was decent for what you get. The fasteners are kind of inexpensive, but if you take your time I think it is able to accomplish whatever you need to do.”

“This is as described. Can be used on so many applications. MUCH better that Briggs N Stratton’s b.s flywheel puller that you need to drill and tap their flywheels for as they stopped doing it in the factory. This is universal. No need to modify flywheel. Can be used on many different types and brands of equipment.”

Company Info

Auto Body Now (ABN) is really an ever-expanding tool brand which often aims to cover a wide range of auto tool needs. ABN tools are thoroughly tested, available for a variety of auto body projects. ABN features tools and supplies ranging from specialty tools and accessories to basic maintenance and upkeep to rework on any vehicle. Get your Classic running or get some new next generation vehicle along with quality ABN tools and accessories. ABN is the ideal brand for experts, DIY’ers, or any individual simply planning to include new tools to their sets of collection.

“Auto Body Now” is a family owned company resides in South Dakota. ABN provide the Midwest with the best quality auto body supplies and car-care products on the market. ABN have an remarkably strong Internet presence, shipping over 50,000 products monthly. In fact, if you have ordered any of your auto-body supplies or car-care supplies online, there is a good possibility ABN have had the ability to serve you.

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