Best Gear Puller Set That Makes Gear Removal Easy As You Like

ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set

You cannot just fit your new gears onto the shaft without the old ones being removed. Apparently, the task of pulling or removing gears from shafts seems like a difficult one. But it actually isn’t when you use the right tools and follow the instructions well. Working with the proper tools is very important as it gives you the sense of safety and composure while doing any kind of automotive work. The best way you want the gear removal done is to pull them off using a gear puller or help of a gear puller set.

Generally, A gear puller has three parts. These parts are the jaws, cross arms and forcing screw. Each of them has their own serving purpose. The jaw basically grasps the gear; the cross arms is responsible for attaching the jaws to the forcing screw; and finally, the forcing screw applies a large force to the gear when you turn it.

There are some important factors to keep in mind when buying a great gear puller. These are –

  • Quality: Getting a good quality gear puller is the most important thing. Durability and strength are the two criteria that need to be ensured before buying one.
  • Forcing Screw Capacity: The quality and size of the forcing screw is important as it determines how much capacity the puller has in order to exert force for gear removal.
  • Reach: A good puller must have a reach greater than the distance between the endpoints of the shaft and the gear.
  • Spread: Spread is also an important factor. It means the distance between the jaws which needs to be greater than the diameter of the part to be pulled.

Using a gear puller is rather simple for your gear removal job. You just need to go through two simple steps. Firstly, you have to adjust the gear puller which means you need to adjust those cross arms so that the jaws can get a good grab onto the gear.  During the step, one very important thing to keep in mind is that the forcing screw should be in the center of the gear touching the shaft.

Once the adjustment of the gear puller is done correctly we move forward to the next step.

In this step, the forcing screw needs to be tightened up for finally removing the gear. Take a ratchet spanner or a socket wrench and put it over the pressure screw. Then spin the screw down onto the end of the shaft until it gets tightened.  As you keep winding it gently, you see the gear is popping off.

Apart from these, you still remain with the most important thing to do. It is to get the best gear puller for your gear removal task. We hope we will be able to ease your finding and recommend you the best one through our sincere and honest review.

Best Gear Puller Set

You may find a long list to choose your gear puller from. Though we have narrowed it down and finally came up with the ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set, that we think is the best. It deserves to be our best pick for both its quality and affordability. This set gives you three different gear pullers instead of one as to help you undertake any such job. It is slightly critical to have the right size gear puller as they come in various sizes. But when you have three different sizes to choose from, then you really have one right size to be up and ready for anything whether its a Honda or a Chevy.

We are even impressed with its quality. The drive screw is built with cold rolled steel, that tolerates stress much better. The steel made jaw arms help you remove the gear more efficiently. You cannot take any chances with the quality of your gear puller when you work on engines. Things can get very nasty with a low-quality gear as it can be broken during your task. So, the gear puller set from ABN has to be your choice for its solid built quality along with its excellent fitting and finishing.

Finally, you need to understand the functionality of this tool. Its reversible jaws allow the puller to grip in eight distinct ways. It is able to grip the gear through its inside openings or around its outside edge. It is also possible to adjust its reach in order to get it working for different gear pulling conditions. The reach is adjustable to various requirements like standard, short, long, or extra long. The even distribution of the pulling forces ensures the efficient gear removal without making any damage to it.

We think the ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set has all the qualities of being the best in the business. It is a great combination of quality and price that makes the gear removal task a cheap and easier one. Check it out on Amazon for a great deal. In the main, this gear puller is highly recommended and no way you will regret buying this!

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