5 best Hub puller kits: Product reviews

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Hub pullers are not only essential in vehicle servicing but find multiple other uses in several important industrial machinery pieces like different kinds of fans, wheels, and so on. Thus the prime focus before buying any kit should always be on its construction material and load capacity. If you like doing your vehicle servicing on your own or you are a professional mechanic you will find hub puller kits the meat investment for your daily requirements. In this article, we have listed down the 5 best hub puller kits that will make your life easier than ever.

5 Best Hub Puller kits: Product reviews

OEM TOOLS Hub Puller Kit

The OEM Tools 27213 Hub Puller Kit is a convenient way of removing bearing without damaging the hub. This particular kit grants you the freedom to install bearings without a shop press. This is ensured by its slide hammer-free operation. Whether you are a newbie, professional, or mechanic, this kit will make your daily routine super smooth. 

Fast performance

The kit is easy to use and comes with guide tutorials apart from online videos and saves much time in a hurry. It is a safe tool to carry when going for long drives or road trips as you are always covered in case of a mishap. You can conveniently and quickly remove the wheel hubs and install inner wheel bearings. 

Universal hub puller

This hub puller kit is made to be compatible with most foreign (including German and European ones) and domestic vehicles. It has all the adapters needed to replace wheel hubs and bearing assemblies. You can use this on most vehicle models including BMW, Porsche, VW, and more. 


The construction cannot be traded for any other feature. OEM has kept their standard maintained even in this tiny tool and given this a durable, sturdy cast. The innovative self-centering design is the prime reason for its durability. 


The OEM wheel hub puller kit includes the following:

  • Hub removal tool 
  • Front-wheel bearing adapters
  • Pusher Washers
  • Receiver Sleeves
  • Nut-Bolt
  • Heavy-Duty Bearing

What customers say

Whether you are a professional or a DIY mechanic, this tool is going to be a blessing for you. It is compatible with almost all common vehicle models from foreign to domestic. With this tool kit, any kind of servicing work becomes convenient and time-saving. Without the use of a shop press or a slide hammer, this tool works perfectly if you can bear its cost. 

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Astro pneumatic tool kit

An internationally renowned company, Astro is known for its uncompromised quality. The Astro pneumatic hub puller is similarly a premium product made to be compatible with most varying-sized tires. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is superiorly designed keeping a user-friendly interface and experience in mind. 


Its adaptors work smoothly to fit it with both foreign and domestic vehicle models. The pack includes three individual hub adapters so that you can use the kit for a long time and on all types of hub sizes. 

Industry-leading construction

The hub puller is made of a new forged alloy C frame that makes it one of the strongest in the market. Use it for as long as you want and on any number of vehicles, it will provide the same experience on the 100th use as on the first. 


The kit comes in a rather affordable price tag compared to other options in the market. While other well-built kits can cost you double of this, it works for more than average time and on all kinds of hub sizes. 

What customers say

The kit is affordable for the advantages it offers. It is quite durable as there can be no competition with its alloy build and it is also compatible with most vehicle models. So you get an all-rounder value-for-money product. 

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OTC hub puller

This OTC hub puller makes bearing removal a cakewalk. Despite being one of the cheapest models in the market, you cannot speak any less about its features. So, if you are a DIY mechanic looking for cheap options to perform rare mechanic-works, this will be best for you. Its universal build is compatible with most FWD vehicles so it is a wise choice even for professional mechanics.


The 7208 puller allows you to replace front hubs without imparting any harm to the wheel bearing. So, you can use it conveniently on any of your FWD models and save a lot on mechanic fees.

Universal design

It has been designed with a universal design to make it compatible with most FWD vehicles. The pack also contains a few spare lock nuts that let you use the puller with a standard slide hammer. So, whether you use a slide hammer or not, you can still use it for servicing various models.


This puller kit is as cheap as it could get. You get it for a dime as compared to other hub pullers in the market so it is a great budget pick for any mechanic.

High capacity

The puller has a huge capacity as compared to its affordability. It is built with a forged alloy that comes with a 1″ drive screw that has a capacity of 20 tons load.

What customers say

This is a wise recommendation for any professional or a DIY mechanic as it is affordable and has a satisfactory capacity. You can use it with most FWD models and it is also compatible with a slide hammer. 

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Posi Lock HP-2 Drum Puller Tool 

Posi Lock can be a great option for you if you want the easiest experience with bearing removal or you often need to work with various industrial machinery, wheels, and fans. It is quite high-end but it will give you one of the most convenient experiences and last for a satisfactorily long time. Moreover, since it is multifunctional, you can use it for a ton of other purposes.

Safe and convenient

This puller set is built to offer a safe experience to anyone using it irrespective of their skill level. Its T-handle locks the jaws perfectly at the particular point you fix them. It is designed in such a way to slip the least and make bearing removal as easiest as possible.


It can be used for chillers, freezers, condensers, and different kinds of fans and wheels. Further, you can use it with many vehicle models as it is built to be compatible and of high quality.

High capacity

This kit has a great capacity and helps work with many industrial equipment and wheels. It has a  5-ton pulling capacity and is perfect for multipurpose use.

Solid construction

The body is made of high-grade steel that provides resistance to rust and corrosion while maintaining its strength.

What customers say

Most professionals speak highly of this kit and it is one of the top choices for many DIY mechanics as well. It is compatible with most vehicle models and you can also use it for many industrial machinery pieces, etc. So it is a value-for-money product if you can bear its price. It also lasts for a long time as reported by most consumers.

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ATD Tools hub puller kit

ATD Tools hub puller kit cannot fail you with its superior build and easy operation. This item totally deserves to be on this list and is a great buy for anyone looking for a decent and affordable option to serve for a long time.

Easy to use

This is a comparatively easy-to-use tool compared to other options in this list. You can easily use it to remove wheel hubs and many other functions on your own. 

Reliable construction

Since this is made of alloy steel and it is also drop forged, it has a lot of strength and works smoothly for a long time. Most consumers have had a superior experience with this heavy-duty tool kit that lasts for almost a lifetime.


If you are looking for a long-lasting yet affordable hub puller, this will be best for you. Whether you are a DIY mechanic and only need it rarely or a professional, you will not regret buying this.

What customers say

Consider this option if you are searching for a heavy-duty, easy-to-use hub puller as this wraps all essential features one could need. It is strong, having a solid steel alloy construction, and can withstand heavy loads so it is a decent option for most mechanics too.

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A hub puller is a simple tool that is easy to use and is also useful in various cases. In case you were looking for a superior-built hub puller kit that will serve most of your varied purposes, our list of the 5 best hub puller kits shall end your search right away. Weighing various parameters like construction material, ease of use, longevity, warranty, and much more, these are the most popular picks for any professional and even new user.

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