Best Pullers from Shankly, Low priced top quality Product

Pullers from Shankly

Here we have some great Pullers from Shankly, Low priced with exceptionally great quality.

Flywheel Puller (46 Piece)

Product description

Reliable and flexible Puller Tool

Flywheel Pullers from Shankly deals with many types of pulling careers, from equipment puller work, to pulley puller jobs, the trick is done by this toolset. Shankly’s 46 piece harmonic balance tool acts as a crankshaft pulley puller and tire puller even.

Durable and Organized CASE

This harmonic balancer removal tool blow molded case keeps the puller kit tidy and neat. The strong casing keeps this harmonic balance puller protected when decreased inevitably. Shankly’s crankshaft pulley puller features a variety of bolts causing this to be tool versatile for a variety of careers. This harmonic balancer puller is built from drop forged warmth treated carbon metal, making the tool a long-term puller solution for a handyman.

Please see package details below:

1PC 5″ PRESSURE SCREW 3/4″-16 THREAD 3PCS 1-1/2″ BOLT 3/8″-24 THREAD 3PCS 2″ BOLT 3/8″-16 THREAD 2PCS 4-1/2″ BOLT 3/8″-16 THREAD 3PCS 3-1/2″ BOLT 5/16″-18 THREAD 2PCS 2-1/2″ BOLT 1/4″-28 THREAD 3PCS 45MM BOLT M8 X 1.25MM 2PCS 90MM BOLT M8 X 1.25MM 1PC Metal YOKE 2PCS CENTERING ADAPTORS 1PC Smooth SHAFT ADAPTOR 3PCS 3″ BOLT 3/8″-16 THREAD 2PCS 6″ BOLT 5/16″-18 THREAD 2PCS 3″ BOLT 5/16″-24 THREAD 3PCS 35MM BOLT M10 X 1.5MM 2PCS 65MM BOLT M8 X 1.25MM 11PCS WASHERS

Top customer reviews

“This collection is decently made and the package is nice. Considering the price was affordable especially. Regrettably, the bolt selection could include a few more options plus some of those that are included just have two bolts rather than three. In a few applications, this isn’t a nagging problem, however, in some, it is. I wish Pullers from Shankly had some more bolts if it raised the purchase price slightly even. Still, pretty good overall.”

“I used this for a task way beyond its intended use and it was successful. It was used by me to pull a rear wheel from a 1964 Murray lawn tractor. the tool bent but do get the wheel off! with lots of brute pressure, an fresh air hammer, and a lot of WD40. I am well happy with this puller!!!”

“It’s best for the most part. But removing my harmonic balancer. The guts bolt began to strip. So it is not the best buy but nonetheless works.”

“Got it for removing a tire and it performed perfectly. A full day later, It was utilized by me to remove and replace a harmonic balancer. It’s already paid for itself and continues until either it or myself kicks the bucket probably. Grey product, simple to use, and excellent customer support. Recommend.”

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Shankly Flaring Tool Set (10 Piece – Professional Grade)

Product description

Hard Case Cover Helpful for Easy Storage space and Transportation:

ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: Shankly’s flaring tool package is all-inclusive, filled with a specialist tubing cutter, allowing the mechanic to concentrate on the job search for parts rather.
WIDE VARIETY OF FLARE ADAPTERS: flaring tool adapters add the subsequent sizes: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, causing this to be the only flaring tool arranged an auto technician shall need.

Simple Adjustable locking, Tighten Easily and Wing Nut products Change:

COMMON SWAGE FITTINGS: Skankly flaring tools include five swage fittings and seven useful pipe sizes: 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, creating an extended enduring flaring tool, swaging tool package.
Exact AND CONVERTIBLE: swivel-type swaging adapters and flaring cone are constructed of the sturdiest steel materials and chromed finished for easy procedure and precision.

Easy to Flare to Desired Size:

SELF-CENTERING YOKE: two pubs included covering 9 sizes with a self-centering, slip-on forged steel yoke to help form professional and quality swages and flares.

YOKE ADJUSTMENT Pub GLIDES SMOOTHLY: Yoke adjustment pub allows an individual to quickly and precisely change the flare to the required size.

Tube and Tube Cutter Included:

Tubes CUTTER INCLUDED: Shankly’s flaring tool also contains a tubes cutter, supplying a universal and inclusive standard flaring tool established (notice: this tool is not an increase flaring tool).
MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: Shankly’s flaring tool acts as a brake range flare tool, brake flaring tool, copper series flaring tool, copper tube flaring tool, etc.

Top customer reviews

“During purchase, it was mentioned that this collection does double flairs. It sat on my shelf for weeks before I acquired around to do brakes on my task build. Surprise! It generally does not do dual flair. I wouldn’t have obtained it experienced I known and now it is a lot too late to come back it.

It does appear to be excellent quality and the tubes slicing being included is a good touch.”

“This explanation said that it could do twice flare. That is the only reason I purchased it. You’ll observe that it is somewhat not the same as other kits that are for double flare. There weren’t instructions included so I’m uncertain easily wasn’t using the adaptor properly, or if it’s only in a position to do solitary flare. Solitary flare is not befitting brake lines, causing this to be ineffective for what I purchased it for. If combined with a $10 Harbor Freight Two times flare established, you may use this better quality set with the original dual flare adaptors from the HF kit to make a good double flare package.”

“I love the tool much better than my old ones; only I wish the swaging connection for a 1/4 in. copper tubes slide in smoothly. I had formed to aerosol just a little soapy drinking water onto it to swage it to prevent and easy deformity. Apart from the tool works as meant.”

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Professional Harmonic Balancer Pullers from Shankly

Product description

Harmonic Balancer which makes Difficult Careers Simple

Shankly’s harmonic balancer tool eases removing the harmonic damper pulley entirely on practically all Chrysler, Mazda, Dodge engines 1990 and later, Cadillac and gm motors 1988 and later, Ford engines 1995 and later, plus some Mitsubishi and Hyundai motors, among others.

Easy to move, Small Design, Convenient Storage

This crankshaft puller tool eliminates the necessity of the technician to undergo enough time-consuming procedures for first removing the radiator before having the ability to take away the pulley. This harmonic balancer puller rests in a tidy blow shaped case neatly, making it easy and simple to go and store this tool. Designed to draw out damper pulleys in limited engine compartments, small design provides more room to work than traditional flywheel puller designs.

Top customer reviews

“I purchased this to work on my wife’s Jeep Commander. It proved helpful, but barely just. The Rods were too short however the arms were long enough barely. I used the harmonic balancer bolt and experienced the puller bolt supported as brief as it could go. Pull a little, release, screw bolt out just a little, draw a little, do it again. etc. It worked, therefore, I can’t complain too much.”

“Bought this after breaking one particular “universal” harmonic balancer pullers that I acquired at that Freight company where they sell a Harbor filled with Chinese tools. As the shattered arm whizzed in recent my ear, I considered to myself “This is God’s way of letting you know that it’s time for you to buy an extremely good tool rather than a bit of Chinese language rubbish”. These pullers from Shankly was on sale at about 50 % of what my local car parts shop desired for the same tool, so another earn for Amazon Primary.
The tool itself is simple to use and very well-crafted. I did so replace the simple nut products on the pivot pins with nylon-insert lock nuts, which isn’t necessary but will keep the nut products from getting loose and support out. The only problem I ran into, which is, evidently, common to all or any of the Chrysler-type pullers, was that the included pins aren’t <quite> long enough to pull the harmonic balancer off. I slice a 1″ long section from a hardened 8mm bolt and used it to include the required extra bit of duration needed to draw the balancer, which requires something similar to 4 a great deal of pressure to remove reportedly.
So an extremely well-made and robust tool that advantages from one optional and one improvised little bit of improvement, at a great price. Worth having if you focus on vehicles (it has applications to numerous vehicles). Remember to wear your vision safety just!

“Worked well perfectly. I used this on the 99 Chrysler 300M with the 3.5L engine in support of had to eliminate the cooling fan assembly to produce enough space for the puller, not the radiator. You will find 5 inches between your face of the radiator and leading of the crankshaft nose after getting rid of the fan set up, which creates a lot of room because of this puller to work. The puller bolt is allowed and hollow adequate rod length to move up inside the bolt. Therefore, You are suggested by me start the removal process with the longer rod. Another suggestion is to rotate the damper until you observe three 10mm bolts that keep a little timing belt cover right within the crankshaft nasal area. The tiny cover shall slide among the gaps of the three beams in the crank damper. This will provide you with a bit more room to match the jaw ends onto the guts of the damper. After removing the tiny cover rotate the damper, therefore, the three beams in the heart of the damper create a notice “Y”. This allows two of the jaws at the top to be kept in place by gravity when you contain the third jaw with your band finger. Use your other hands to tighten the bolt until there’s enough pressure to carry all three jaws set up.”

“That is a good package nevertheless the longer extension pole is too short for a Jeep 3.7 motor. I am a mechanic for a long time and found this to be a concern with almost every car so be kind to yourself and purchase an1/4 in. socket expansion collection to use instead of the provided pins.”

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Shankly Bearing Separator (Mini) – 9 Pieces

Product Description

Small Engine Tool Collection with Several Uses:

  • Shankly small bearing splitter is perfect for dealing with small engine extractions and wiper arm removals.
  • A perfect solution for general small engine work also, whether for Automotives, Powersport or ATV vehicles.
  • Shankly’s small bearing puller is stellar for removing small bearings but isn’t the right tool to pull large or medium bearings.
  • This small engine tool remover is also ideal for extracting small This small engine tool remover is suitable for extracting small gears also, wheels, tapered wiper arms, small bushings and fittings from shafts.

Removes Small Equipment, Fittings from Shafts and Tires:

  • Shankly’s small engine toolset is compact, containing a bearing separator, extensions and yoke, and separator.
  • Components created from durable chromium vanadium materials, ensuring an extended tool life.
  • This tool kit comes in a durable, hardshell storage case, ideal for organizing, transporting tools and storing.
  • Product Content Details: Separator (15-58 mm), 2 x jaws (50 mm), Thrust screw, 2 x extension pole (45 mm), 2 x expansion 30 mm, mix beam.

Top customer reviews

“Surprisingly good quality for the purchase price. Nice machine and end focus on the average person parts. One thing that’s not protected in the explanation is size – this is most beneficial applied to 1/2 to 3″ diameter gears and bearings. It is used by us to disassemble alternators and small electric motors. Its the perfect size for the kind of work.”

“Several times I’ve found myself looking for an extremely small puller collection for changing bearings on small electric motors and also have needed to Jerry rig something jointly to be able to get behind the tiny bearings to draw them from the armature shaft. This small puller arranged was just finished. I needed lately to easily change the bearings in my wife’s Vitamix blender. I didn’t have to find bits of scrap metallic to cobble together an improvised puller this time around. The puller established paid for itself in its first use by conserving me several hundred dollars since I didn’t have to buy a fresh blender! It isn’t a Snap-On quality tool, but it got the working job done. I love it.”

“This bearing separator collection is so handy! It’s a solidly produced tool that you’ll keep around for a long period to come. The case is loved by me as well. It’s firmly fit, therefore the elements of the tool don’t maneuver around when transported, or when tossed in my toolbox. Great price for such a good set. Love this tool!”

“Love Pullers from Shankly! They look and work great. The cases look professional and more make sure I don’t leave something behind importantly. It is utilized by me to pull front sight blocks.”

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