5 best Hub puller kits: Product reviews

Hub puller

Hub pullers are not only essential in vehicle servicing but find multiple other uses in several important industrial machinery pieces like different kinds of fans, wheels, and so on. Thus the prime focus before buying any kit should always be on its construction material and load capacity. If you like doing your vehicle servicing on […]

Best Pullers from Shankly, Low priced top quality Product

Pullers from Shankly

Here we have some great Pullers from Shankly, Low priced with exceptionally great quality. Flywheel Puller (46 Piece) Product description Reliable and flexible Puller Tool Flywheel Pullers from Shankly deals with many types of pulling careers, from equipment puller work, to pulley puller jobs, the trick is done by this toolset. Shankly’s 46 piece harmonic […]

Top 5 Pitman Arm Puller for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Lisle 41900 Pitman Arm Puller OTC (8150) Conical Pitman Arm Puller OEMTOOLS 25262 Pitman Arm Puller The OEM Pitman Arm Puller is built to get rid of the Pitman arms from domestic cars and light-weight trucks. 1-5/16-Inch (33mm) yoke opening. 2-1/2-Inch (63mm) depth yoke is drop forged built and also heat treated for strength and […]

Best Gear Puller Set That Makes Gear Removal Easy As You Like

ABN 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set

You cannot just fit your new gears onto the shaft without the old ones being removed. Apparently, the task of pulling or removing gears from shafts seems like a difficult one. But it actually isn’t when you use the right tools and follow the instructions well. Working with the proper tools is very important as […]

Different Types of Pliers and Their Uses

If you’re a workman or technician, you’ll need a variety of pliers in order to complete your task. Pliers are valuable tools able to clutching and trimming objects with relative ease. Their jobs involve wire gripping, cutting, and bending. There are lots of different types of pliers, each and every with distinctive features for various […]