Shankly Steering Wheel Puller Kit (8 Piece), Professional-Grade, 1.5” to 3.35” Inch Spread, Ideal Combination for… Price: $31.99 (as of 31/01/2023 17:29 PST- Details)

COMPLETE WHEEL PULLER SET: Shankly’s steering wheel puller set features two-leg puller with two pairs of legs and two thrust caps. A complete wheel puller set that works on various makes and models.
USEFUL SPREAD: Shankly’s steering wheel puller kit has a minimum / maximum spread of 38 / 85MM or 1.5″ / 3.35″ inches to ensure the tool set can be used for many types of steering wheel puller jobs.
HEAT TREATED FOR STRENGTH: Shankly’s steering wheel puller tool is heat treated for strength and is a professional grade tool set and constructed heavy duty use.